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​ChiChiBu , Ichiro's Malt White Wood Reserve , 46%,OB,2018


Should drink it at first dram. Dont stay too long. Quite easy to drink and give yourself an easy start
Wine cask , unique Ovum Cask, 20hL egg-shaped barrels made from French Oak. Blended malt from chichibu, closed hanyu and Scotch.

Quite Nutty at the bottom of the bottle seem a bit different from starting.

so i pour out a new one to test. Much more elegant for new opened bottle .
Quite winey and smooth and comfy (B+, 86)


For bottom part, plastic-like malt and spicy and bitter (B-, 80)

For style , quite between comfy and warm
          but more Incline to warm.

  Don't know if I am affected

           by the labeling 

little like french chocolate at 70% at the nose. smooth, little sweetness, quite malty in the mouth.

 A little bit wood bitter at the end.

Body    ★★☆
Smoky  ☆☆☆
Spicy    ★☆☆
Woody ★☆☆
Sherry   ☆☆☆
Vanilla   ☆☆☆
Winery  ★★☆