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​Miyagikyo , Malty & Soft,  55%,2018


The label claimed, exactly the same as

Light gold in color 

Green grass alike at the first nose

Really like what it claims to be, malty and soft

Nothing pungent even at 55%Abv 

Quite interesting

Sweet, Vanilla sweet, a lot, with gentle giner-like spicy

Very light body

Green Apple!

You don't need long finishing for thIs one

You shall have a try ! Quite interesting burbon-style you can't miss it

Body    ★★☆
Smoky  ☆☆☆
Spicy    ★★☆
Woody ★☆☆
Sherry   ☆☆☆
Vanilla   ★★☆
Fresh Fruit  ★★☆